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About Us

Who is The Houston Pride:

  •  The Houston Pride Youth Football and Cheer team is by far just a little league football team. We are a non-profit community organization utilizing an all hands-on developmental program to familiarize our youth with the fundamentals of football and cheerleading. The Houston Pride is organized by a group of dedicated volunteers that coordinate the football and cheerleading specifications of over 150 youth athletes between the ages of 4-13, who are dedicated to teaching, coaching and mentoring our kids in all areas of tackle football and cheerleading.


Our Mission:

  • Our mission is to keep our youth physically fit while promoting good sportsmanship, as well as developing positive attitudes giving appreciations that will encourage further participation in football and cheerleading using their youth Pride experience as a mirror of advancement. We as a team, value the physical skills and knowledge necessary to play the game of football while familiarizing each player with the ability to develop social skills promoting acceptable standards of behavior resulting in positive relationships on and off of the field.


Our Philosophy:

  • Our standard method used to coach our players and cheerleaders intensifies with each level to ensure exceptional growth and developmental knowledge to enhance healthy advancement using the skills obtained. Winning at all costs is not our sole purpose; teaching and experiencing the fun in FUNdamentals associated with football and cheerleading is our ultimate ambition and personal glory.


Our Priorities:

  •  We take PRIDE in each and every player and each and every skill communicated to construct an incredible athlete giving them the experience acquired to be an incredible individual.


Our goal with the local schools:

  • The Houston Pride is more than just a little league football team; we are a community led family that embraces our youth giving them the PRIDE needed to be exceptional in every aspect of any situation!


Our Foundation:

  1. Player - Willing and determined to learn
  2. Team - Have a common goal
  3. Coaches - Lead by example, teach, and help each player reach their potential
  4. Parents - Be involved and supportive
  5. Community - who feels they are a partner in the program and see the benefits to their organization