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Coach’s Ethics and Responsibilities

As a member the Houston Pride, Coaches will be required to:

1. Provide a positive attitude and demonstrate principles of fair play and sportsmanship.

2. Place the emotional and physical well being of the players ahead of the desire to win.

3. Treat each player as an individual, recognizing the vast range of emotional and physical development of players at a given age of play.

4. Always teach the techniques of the game in such a way as to provide a safe playing situation for the players.

5. Be familiar with basic first aid principles.

6. Organize practices in such a way as to make sure they are fun and challenging for all of players.

7. Familiarize his/herself with the rules of the game and the rules and policies of the League.

8. Use coaching techniques that are appropriate at the skill level and the players that he/she will be coaching.

9. Remember that you coach a youth football team and that the game is for youth players and not adults.

While serving as a Volunteer Coach in the Houston Pride organization:

1. Understand that the duties as a coach include volunteering to assist in franchise duties such as equipment and uniform maintenance, fundraising, and general administration;

2. Understand that you may be required to attend league and franchise training sessions that are designed to improve coaching skills and to familiarize you with the latest coaching techniques and safety considerations;

3. Always stress the success of the Houston Pride program and be positive in my suggestions and criticisms.

4. Maintain contact with the parents/guardians of your players, be responsible for equipment issue and return and maintain all necessary paperwork in a proper and professional manner;

Please remember, you are not professional coaches. One must do his/her best and view coaching as a huge responsibility. Coaches will work hard to:

• Get the players in shape.

• Understand each player's potential.

• Work on individual skills for each position.

• Work on team execution of plays.

• Motivate, communicate and lead.

Coaches must help in to develop three things in their athletes: pride, poise, and self-confidence. Coaches will use the following steps to instruct the game of football.

• Talk it! Explain what is required.

• Walk it! Demonstrate the technique.

• Run it! Have the player perform the technique at full speed.

• Rep it! Have the player perform the technique over and over.